New Trades Career student stories

In my modules I average around 90% Live training session 90% online training 100% my pre-workout test I am not too sure need improving but i have read it more than once For somebody with Dyslexia I felt like an alien in this learning program and now I feel like I have my certificate to be human. My reading has increased like 100 % and my understanding has increased the same with all my skills my achievement has been outstanding. I have life skills that I am more than happy with. It’s a personal achievement and it has made a big difference to my life. And in doing that my family and friends, everyone around me benefits, call it the ripple effect How I have benefited from this overall experience money can’t buy you can’t put a price tag on this and I am eternally grateful so. Thank you

I'm 30 years old and have been working for my dad as a butcher for the last 10 years after finishing college. During the last lockdown I just felt like it was the time to do something new in my life and I started looking for a different career path, I had no idea what I wanted to do and no prior experience in a trade. When I came across this course I instantly got intrigued in plumbing, I had a few friends within the industry and reached out to them for a bit of help and support. Since starting this course one friend with his own plumbing business has let me go along with him on my day off to gain some much valuable hands on experience within the job. I'm happy with the results I've been getting on the course so far there's always room for improvement but I'm very proud of the fact that I go along on my days off to gain hands on experience of plumbing as well as working 6 days a week over 50 hours a week to come home get my head down and get my revision in most days as well. I can't wait to pass my course, get my qualifications and become a plumber full time.

So i work between 50 and 80 hours a week as a plumbers mate and i also do my driving lessons on a sunday which only leaves me saturday for my free time and even then mostly i work saturdays. So for me my biggest achievement is that i have been uploading my tmas one after the other as soon as one has been marked the next one is up and i have been working really hard to make sure i pass first time im up to my 10th tma now in just a few weeks and i havent failed one yet. Im sure along the line the will be one or two but im just mostly proud of myself for getting this far.

hello guys I think an i believe i have done good with my assignments firstly. i am running a full time business on my own and also having 2 kids which are very young which are very active in there young ages i am balancing 3 thing daily waking up ealry and sleeping late at night to do my revision taking notes. I think i have achieved alot in these short period of time on the course. The first assignment i didnt do good so had to re take it with the result being 100% which i was very happy with hopefully there will me more 100% to come

After gaining knowledge from this plumbing course, I have started working for a company dealing with grease management systems. I have become one of the top engineers, doing installations and servicing all around the UK. We currently install into big named restaurants such as Gordon Ramsey Kitchens, Selfridges, Harrods, McDonalds, KFC etc. Alongside working for them, they have guaranteed time off for me to complete this course and progress further with my NVQ Plumbing, meaning I will shortly be on the way to completing this course! With Hands on experience at work I have started to get top marks on my recent coursework which is making me feel even more confident/comfortable with plumbing in general.

My personal achievement is leaving a well paid job I was really un happy in, and re starting in a plumbing career that I tried to achieve when leaving school, but was unfortunate due to not being able to secure an apprenticeship. Finally found the right time in life again to restart. From the start of my course to now has been a struggle but the more I am understanding in theory / practical the 'easier' it is becoming. Finding the time to concentrate was really difficult but I am managing better now (especially in the last month to pick up the pace) .

In the last month i have completed upto my third tutor assignment whilst moving into a new home with my partner and beginning renovations which we are taking on ourselves. During a difficult time at work with staff absences due to covid and having worked 60+ hour weeks since the first lockdown also managed to organise and deliverer my older brothers stag do due to him being in the armed forces and being deployed later this year was a hard task but was sucessful. Next i will be using what i have learnt so far to replace my current kitchen and my fathers bathroom suite.

My Achievements: When i began this course i had not studied anything at this level for many years, so to find ways of learning the course in detail with no direct tutor was definetely a challenge, however my persistents and passion for learning such an interesting subject grew by the day. Im now working with numerous revision cards which i refer to daily. So to finalise everything ive done up until now with the course is an achievement and im slowly getting more confident with the subject.

Dealing with real life struggles I have pulled myself out of the abyss to ensure my dedication on getting back on my own two Feet, this course is helping me ensure my lifetime goal of aquiring an Engineering trade. I have passed all of my current attempted assignments and have been learning a great deal, I never realised how big a subject welding was, but this hasn't stopped me from soaking knowledge like a sponge. My past job as a Hoist Driver and my Grandad being a retired Engineer himself has come in handy, having made friends with Engineers within construction sites this has helped immensely, also my interest and dedication to keep learning has paid off with the many science books at my disposal.

I have been studying this course around my full time job and recently I have managed to balance my studies and work a lot better, and by studying harder I have managed to increase my scores to 100% over the last couple of TMA's.

Hi, Since I have enrolled to the college my purpose was to study hard and overpass my condition. In these difficult times I have managed to combine the job , the study and the time with a couple months baby. I have received support and did manage to study again all the books that I have, read online materials and watch numerous tutorials. Due to the study and the books I have managed to improve myself at work and as well to better understand the procedures and the work ethics.

During my time completing this course, I have continually worked incredibly hard to ensure my assignment marks are as high as possible. I have achieved distinction in all areas of the course up to this point and intend to continue this pattern. In May this year, I took the risk of leaving my previous job of 3 years to commit my time to pursuing my new career in metal fabrication through securing a job at A&S McKay Sheet Metal Fabrication Ltd. During the past 3 months, I have developed my knowledge and skills through the support and guidance of my employer, which has enabled me to excel in my practical training weeks. Additionally, I purchased my own arc welder to develop my skills in my own time at home. I have balanced all of this with purchasing my first home, renovating my home and the limitations created by the current Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic led to the passing of a close family member which created further difficulties in achieving the high marks I hoped for. However, I managed to maintain my high standards of work in assignments despite these difficult times, which I am immensely proud of.

I have read through all my books and went over the Case Study 1 and 2. I have watched all the videos and gone through all the study materials for 2365 and 2392. I have also managed to submit 3 TMAs this month and feel I have learnt alot this time round. I am now due to take my first practical session which I am on the waiting list. I didnt think I could have achieve this much with a busy work schedule but I have managed to find time and do it.

I belive I have achieved way higher than my expectations during this course, I started the course believing that it would be something I could never amount to. But through the learning books and tutoring along with the online classrooms, I have passed all of my TMA's and really surprised myself, I am passing all of the e learning packages and properly calculating equations, something I have never been able to understand. being an electrician is starting to look like a real thing for me now, I am proud of the way I managed to get so far because all my life I never really stuck anything out for the long run but this course has really gave me the drive and inspiration to do better with my life, I am surprised at how well I am taking everything in and that is all thanks to how well the course is planned out. I am getting really good at doing algebra and formulas, which I had absolutely no experience or knowledge in, the way things are explained thoroughly really have helped me understand all the different formulas and equations, I now know things that where always way beyond by understanding and everytime I take a mock exam or a TMA i really do surprise myself by getting what I think are quite high scores on them, I am so motivated to get into the centre and do some practical work and my exams I am thoroughly enjoying the learning experience and I really cannot wait to be a fully qualified electrician and get myself out there making homes and buildings safe. I want to thank New Trades Career and everyone who makes this course what it is I think it's a really good opportunity for anyone who is wanting to make something better of themselves, they really do prove that anyone can do whatever they set their heart, especially with the right people behind you and mentoring you, people who only have what's best for you in mind, thank you for giving me this opportunity you have really changed my life :).

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